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About POP

Power(Ed) On Purpose (POP) is a family-owned fitness and wellness organization of certified fitness trainers, wellness coaches, and exercise specialists. We help our clients reach their goals by creating and coaching them through customized programs that foster individual and family well-being.

Our Mission, Values & Goals

Our mission is to empower and ignite purpose across our community, one person/family at a time using research-based fitness, nutrition, and wellness strategies.


At POP, we value whole-person development through healthy relationships with family, fitness, food, and friends. Therefore, creating an environment where people feel safe and leave feeling stronger is important to us.

As working spouses, parents, and caregivers, we understand the toll of navigating daily needs to ensure family health. That is why our goals are:


· Provide tools and resources to help clients identify gaps in their well-being.

· Guide clients as they understand how to repair those gaps.

· Develop an effective personalized action plan to bridge those gaps.

· Support clients as they follow the plan with openness and flexibility.

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