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Edward Robertson



A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Ed's immersion in the world of exercise at age 8 ignited a life-long interest in power and strength development. Ed was able to apply and expand his exercise and leadership skills through varsity high school and semi-professional football. After a leg injury, Ed found himself making tough decisions related to his future in football.

While Ed thrived in a career in marketing and sales, his dedication to fitness never stopped! Ed's corporate career success methods, which included push-ups throughout the workday, inspired his colleagues to improve their physical fitness and led them to consider how their improved fitness positively impacted their job performance. Ed's natural leadership skills and charismatic personality allowed his zeal for fitness to grow beyond his corporate environment as he began to share the benefits of fitness with family, friends, and community members. While supporting his wife (Jackie) in her pursuit of becoming a fitness professional, Ed also found fulfillment in learning more about wellness, leading to his endeavors in becoming a fitness professional.  

Outside of work, Ed is not only a loving husband and father but a dedicated community member who finds joy in mentoring neighborhood youth. As a beloved member of a large and close-knit family, Ed also enjoys connecting with family and friends from his hometown.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Science-Business Administration

NASM Personal Training

NASM Youth Specialist


Training Focus

Balance, Stability, and Mobility (B.S.M)

Strength & Conditioning



Behavior Change

* Athletic Performance *

Zyana Robertson

The Boss


A young child who simply loved to play and ask questions, Zyana fell in love with gymnastics and knowledge at a very young age. Zyana's continued involvement in sports and academics allows her to understand and appreciate the positive impact exercise and movement have on both the mind and body everyday. Zyana also understands that nutrition is another essential part of development as a young person, so she is conscious of the foods she eats and encourages her friends and teammates to eat nutritious foods. 


Like her parents, Zyana not only has a love for exercise and movement but a true dedication to helping her family, friends, and community members achieve improved health. As a result, Zyana continues to grow and thrive as she works alongside her parents to help youth understand and apply overall wellness benefits.

Today, Zyana is a competitive gymnast who enjoys learning and growing across various disciplines.

Training Focus

Core Strength & Balance

Flexibility Training

Mental Focus

Dr. Jacqueline Robertson



Born and raised in Columbia, SC, Jackie's initial interest in fitness started with school sports and activities. Jackie continued to engage in recreational fitness activities throughout her young adult life, often getting friends and family involved. Later in life, Jackie experienced some life-changing events that broadened her perspective of fitness. Jackie began to understand the importance of overall wellness from a personal and professional standpoint. As a result, Jackie is passionate about whole-person wellness and loves partnering with clients, family, and community members in their journey to feel, move, and think better.


Jackie specializes in women's wellness, nutrition for fitness, and chronic illness management and prevention. However, Jackie is skilled in all areas of personal and small group training. Jackie's primary method when training clients include combining mental and physical strength development techniques.

Outside of work, Jackie is a homeschool mom and wife who loves reading and being outdoors with her family. Also, being one of four sisters, Jackie enjoys spending time with her sisters, nieces, and nephews.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Science-Business Administration

Master of Science-Education/Counseling

Doctor of Business Administration-Leadership

NASM Personal Training

NASM Mental Toughness

Zumba® Fitness


Training Focus

Nutrition for Fitness

Senior Fitness

Women's Fitness


* Behavior Change *

Post Physical Therapy Fitness

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